Selected wineries

Cellars with tradition, cooperatives that combine the efforts and commitment of many entrepreneurs and unique winemakers.

Customizable wine selection

Selection of young wines at low price segment. Well-made wines, characterized as varietal, representing the essence of the different varieties of grape at its finest.


Promotion through events and product launches in markets abroad. Organizing international trade fairs bringing added value to exhibitors and visitors. International logistics solutions.

Armantes Vendimia seleccionada

Marqués de Tomares Crianza

Export Solutions

  • Optimization of financial resources
  • Export department oriented 100% to success
  • Shared attending international fairs and trade missions
  • Flexibility in terms of destinations and intensity of commercial activities depending on needs.
  • Long-term continued presence in international fairs and promotional events

Latest international fairs

Every year we attend the most important fairs in the sector. If you want to have the most up-to-date information, you can contact us.

Our wineries