Bodega Peñafiel

Bodegas Peñafiel is a small stone cellar located in a privileged location overlooking the castle of Peñafiel, Provincial Wine Museum and one of the most prestigious appellations of origin in Spain, the Ribera del Duero.

Although we are a relatively young winery, founded in 2003, our goal from the beginning has been raising and selling high quality wines, with a range that goes from the young and lightly oaked red wines until Reservas and Crianzas of the D.O. Ribera del Duero and White wines from D.O. Rueda.

At present, our cellar has over 32 hectares of vineyard with varieties Tinta del Pais (Tempranillo), Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon whose plots are located in Peñafiel and Castrillo, areas with exceptional weather conditions for obtaining high quality red wines.

If there is something that distinguishes us is the aging of our wines, exclusively in French oak barrels, which together with the late harvest, gives them a strong personality.

So every one of the bottles of Bodegas Peñafiel contains a fragment of our lands. Air texture and color intensity, the dry rustle of summer heat, the smell of wet winter that lies in the vineyards.

Unique and unrepeatable experiences, that collected by the winemaker will illuminate a unique and personal wine.

Denomination of Origin

The History of the D.O. Ribera del Duero has been parallel to the junction of the vineyard and wine, the fruit of a strain that mark its landscape, the personality of its people and its culture.
We need to go no less than 2,000 years to find the first wine reference in the area: a Roman mosaic of 66 square meters, considered the piece with larger Bacchic allegories of the peninsula, which was discovered in baths Valdearados during harvest 1972 .

As we know it today, the D.O. Ribera del Duero comes after the initiative of a number of growers and winemakers concerned about boosting the vineyards and the quality of the wines of the Ribera del Duero.
The first Act as reflected in the books of the Control Board dates from July 23, 1980.
Since then, the launch of new farming practices, the introduction of modern technologies for winemaking and rigorous control processes applied from the Control Board have made the Ribera del Duero synonymous with quality.

The specific weather conditions that characterize the grape growing in Ribera del Duero, have great influence throughout the vegetative cycle of the vines, playing a central role in plant development and maturation of the grapes. These special conditions depends, in large measure, the quality of the wine obtained.
The climate of the Ribera del Duero is characterized, in general, a moderate-low rainfall (400-600 mm average rainfall per year) which, together with its dry summers and long, cold winters and thermal oscillations accused throughout the seasons, framed within a Mediterranean climate whose main character is continental.

The Ribera del Duero is located in the great northern plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, formed by a large razed the old socket and partly covered by Tertiary sediments. The bulk of these sediments consists roughly lenticular layers of silty or clayey sands, and highlights the alternating layers of both limestone and marl and even calcareous concretions.
The river basin formed during the Miocene, presents, gently undulating, limited by differential erosion, and converted today the state of penillanura horizontal levels. The topography of the area ranges between interfluve hills with elevations of 911 meters, and valleys, with a topographic height located between 750 and 850 meters.

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