Bodega San Gregorio

San Gregorio was established in 1965 as part of the D.O. Calatayud. We make wine from our 750 hectares of vineyard, selecting the best grapes from the Ribota Valley.

The region combines various unique climatic and geographical features which include an altitude between 664 and 830 metres above sea level, minimum rainfall and a tremendous difference between day time and night time temperatures during the ripening period. The vineyards are situated on a mixture of red clay and limestone soils with a high stone content that permits the natural drainage of water. All of these factors reinforce the presence of a unique microclimate that favours an environment with every little disease pressure combined with low grape yields.

One half of the area consists of bush vine head trained Garnacha with an average vine age of over 40 years.Tempranillo is the second most planted variety. In recent years the new varieties Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet have been introduced which have accli- matised perfectly in the soils and limate of the valley.

The vines planted “en vaso” (head-trained) are not irrigated, offering very low production levels. Local soils are rich in limestone, marl and slate.

Denominación de Origen

The D.O.P. Calatayud is located within the Shire Community of Calatayud belonging to the province of Zaragoza and adjacent to the provinces of Soria, Guadalajara and Teruel.

This is an area of difficult terrain, located in the foothills of Moncayo and characterized by a complex hydrographic network formed by various tributaries of the Ebro river, as the Jalon, Jiloca and other minors. The vineyards down the slopes of the mountains, with altitudes ranging from los550 and 1040 meters.

The climate of the D.O.P. Calatayud is continental, with cold winters and hot summers.

Average annual temperature is 13,1ºC, with large differences between night and day during the ripening period, with an average rainfall of 300-550 mm.

Terrain is undulating, settling most of the vineyard sobe stony soils, loose, very poor in nutrients and high proportion of limestone. It has good permeability and is healthy.

Red varieties account for 92% compared to white varieties representing 8% of the total area of the PDO Calatayud (3,200 ha).

The predominant grape variety in D.O.P. Calatayud is the Grenache. The Grenache variety is the greatest asset, with plantations in many cases exceeding 50 years of age and in the area called “Old Vines”.The adaptation of this variety in the area is perfect and hence its dominance over other varieties.

Most of Grenache vineyards are located in offshore areas (the area of highest vineyards of Aragon), on slopes higher than promotes ventilation Vineyard avoiding botrytis, very difficult to machine, performing most the cultivation work manually.

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