Bodega Santa Cruz

The Bodega Santa Cruz de Alpera, belongs to the denomination of origin Almansa. Located 100km from Alicante and 70km from Albacete and an altitude between 900 and 1100 meters with calcareous soils and shallow. This winery with 60 years experience is mainly engaged in the production of wines of high color intensity with an output of between 17 and 23 million kilos of grapes Tintorera Grenache and minority varieties like Tempranillo, Syrah and others.

Some of these ungrafted vineyards are over 60 years old. The winery has the latest technology for the production of wines which is complemented by a good job of field technicians and winemakers. The wines made at Bodegas Santa Cruz are unique in Spain to make wine varietals Grenache monkey Tintorera complemented by other varieties. We also have a barrel cellar for aging of these magnificent wines and later bottled in our facilities.

Our first objective is to improve the quality, from the vineyard, processing, breeding, to bottling and can meet the new trends of the national and international market. We have the latest technology available for the production and aging of wines.

D.O. Almansa

The geographical area covered by the D.O. Almansa is a plateau that borders the east, through the so-called corridor of Almansa, the old Kingdom of Valencia. This step has for centuries marked the transition from the lands of the Levante region to Castilla.

The main differentiation of the territory comprising the D.O. Almansa, compared with Levante is the difference in altitude from 400 meters above sea level in the town of Fuente La Higuera, 700 meters in Almansa, whose wine production area located in eight towns comprising more than 7,000 hectares of vineyards.

Almansa climate is somewhat less extreme than La Mancha, but also very hot summers, with temperatures easily reach 40 degrees. Continental clima and the grounds are of low fertility with average rainfall below 350mm annually. The low rainfall, soil permeability and low production, allow to obtain wines with an aroma and very high intensity color.

The land is rich in limestone and poor in organic matter, alternating areas of land with little soil and stony, sandy with more deep and ranges between 700 and 1,000 meters above sea level and most of the vineyards They located on flat ground, although sometimes seen vineyards on the slopes of the nearby mountains.

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