Conoce nuestra empresa

Vinita Wines is a young and dynamic company that arises after more than 20 years involved in the spanish wine market.

Our mission is to help Spanish wineries, selected by us, to the internationalization of its wines through shared participation in fairs, exhibitions and all kinds of promotional events organized both institutional and private enterprise.

Vinita Wines also offers a wide range of young wines, chosen from among the large Spanish wine scene, to meet the demands of lower price segment. These are monovarietal wines from different regions of Spain and they are customizable for the importers. They can participate in the development of image and label design for these wines.

Nuestros valores

Comercializar los vinos de bodegas representadas y propios por el mundo entero
Nuestro éxito es el de bodegas e importadores.
El mejor de los servicios. Planificación y organización profesional de ferias, eventos y misiones comerciales.
A los importadores todo el apoyo para promocionar los vinos en sus respectivos países.

Nuestras bodegas